A novel hybrid molecule made up of a artificial peptide carrier and a well-known chemotherapy agent.

And its US partner, Forest Laboratories Inc. Almirall licensed from Ironwood the rights to develop and commercialize linaclotide in European countries.. Aeterna Zentaris to provide AEZS-108 Phase 2 results for endometrial tumor at EORTC-NCI-AACR Symposium Aeterna Zentaris Inc. AEZS-108, a novel hybrid molecule made up of a artificial peptide carrier and a well-known chemotherapy agent, doxorubicin, is normally in a Phase 2 trial in advanced endometrial. For more information on the trial, head to AEZS-108 may be the first intravenous medication in a clinical research that directs the chemotherapy agent particularly to luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone -receptor expressing tumors, resulting in even more targeted treatment with less damage to healthy cells. AEZS-108, also in a Stage 2 trial in advanced ovarian cancer, provides been granted orphan-drug designation by the U.S.Behrens, M.D., Andrew Chan, M.D., and Ralf Gold, M.D.S. As of 2008 June, more than 40,000 patients experienced received natalizumab during participation in scientific research or during open-label use; 14 around,000 had taken the drug for at least 12 weeks, and 6600 for at least 1 .gov number, NCT00030966]), in which natalizumab was found in combination with interferon beta-1a , and one in an individual with Crohn’s disease who had received prior immunosuppressive therapy. Two of the sufferers died, and one of the patients with multiple sclerosis got persistent, serious neurologic deficits.1-4 PML is a rare demyelinating disease of the central nervous program due to the JC virus, a polyomavirus that typically occurs in severely immunocompromised individuals, with a fatal outcome often.5 The predisposing mechanism of PML when it is associated with natalizumab therapy remains elusive.6 However, current hypotheses include compromised human brain immunosurveillance or the mobilization by natalizumab of bone marrow cells carrying JC virus.7 Here we describe a patient who survived after PML associated with natalizumab therapy was diagnosed and treated.