According to a written report in the September problem of Archives of General Psychiatry.

To date, three quarters of the thousands of genetics research completed worldwide have already been carried out on populations of European descent. Africans are also badly represented in worldwide genetics projects like the HapMap and 1,000 Genomes projects. This gap presents both a chance and a problem for Africa, NIH director Francis Collins stated at the meeting. The rapidly falling cost of sequencing and genetic analysis has put the technology within reach for cash-strapped African experts. Moreover, the need for Africa as the birthplace of humanity makes African genetics a significant and intriguing region of study, he said.) Image: Irene Abdou, Newscom..What few people realize is a cavity still left untreated can property them up in my office! The problem is you do not realize you have a serious problem until the cavity deepens to such an extent that it exposes the nerves of the tooth. By this stage, you will quickly experience discomfort and sensitivity. This highlights the importance of seeing your Pueblo dental professional twice per calendar year for check-ups to ensure that your oral enamel is in superb health. Also be sure to minimize sugar intake, drink plenty of drinking water and brush and floss daily to avoid oral bacteria from undermining your dental health.