Advanced visualization solutions market approximated to attain $557.

With this advancement and technology innovation in medical imaging modalities happening at regular intervals, it is not surprising that the EUROPEAN market has displayed an enthusiastic interest in effective AV solutions. AV solutions are becoming an important component of the healthcare ecosystem because they enable physicians to access archived information and exchange it with additional doctors over a common system, said Frost & Sullivan Healthcare Europe Study Director Siddharth Saha. Using AV solutions, physicians can view details from different modalities on various platforms. They can also better integrate patient information from digital medical records, picture archiving and conversation systems , and wellness information exchanges.I’m pleased to announce SWHR’s $1,000,000 award from Susan G. Jennifer Ligibel of the Dana-Farber Malignancy Institute, Dr. Melinda Irwin of Yale University, and Dr. Deborah Dillon of Brigham and Women’s Medical center to study the benefit of exercise on breasts malignancy, said Phyllis Greenberger, MSW, CEO and President of SWHR. It is our hope that this research provides women with helpful steps to increase their chance of survival if identified as having this devastating disease. Earlier studies have consistently shown that moderate amounts of exercise lowers breast cancer incidence in ladies. Observational evidence shows that women who physical exercise are less inclined to develop breast cancer, and several recent reports also demonstrate lower prices of breast malignancy recurrence in females who exercise after medical diagnosis, said Dana-Farber investigator Jennifer Ligibel, MD.