John Radford.

John Radford, M .D., Tim Illidge, M.D., Ph.D., Nicholas Counsell, M.Sc., Barry Hancock, M.D., Ruth Pettengell, M.D., Peter Johnson, M.D., Jennie Wimperis, D.M., Dominic Culligan, M.D., Bilyana Popova, M.Sc., Paul Smith, M.Sc., Andrew McMillan, M.B., Alison Brownell, M.B., Anton Kruger, M.B., Andrew Lister, M.D., Peter Hoskin, M.D.D., and Sally Barrington, M.D.7 Evidence of late toxic ramifications of mantle-field radiotherapy, such as hypothyroidism,8 second cancers , and coronary disease,11,12 also emerged. Thus, it was increasingly apparent that treat was bought at a higher price and that less damaging therapies were required.

According to Aidan, examples of this pattern are available in the seeds of a sunflower, systems of the human body and galaxies in space even. Aidan discovered that tree trunks contain comparable patterns in line with the Fibonacci sequence. Regarding to Aidan, ‘Tree branches follow a Fibonacci formulation.’ He reports that, within an oak tree, branches are arranged in a two to five sequence. ‘Five branches spiral around the trunk 2 times to reach the same starting point on the trunk,’ he reports. The patterns that he found include the elm tree also, which comes after a one to two pattern, and the beech tree, which comes after a someone to three pattern. He discovered a three to eight pattern in the willow tree and a five to 1 design in the branch arrangement of almond trees.