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Relating to Taddio, ‘More work is needed to identify strategies which will eliminate pain completely.’ This study was backed by the Canadian Institutes of Health Study and the SickKids Basis. A HEALTHCARE FACILITY for Sick Kids , affiliated with the University of Toronto, is normally Canada’s most research-intensive medical center and the biggest centre dedicated to improving children’s health in the united states. As innovators in kid health, SickKids improves the fitness of children by integrating care, research and teaching. Our vision is Healthier Children.The possibility of direct antimalarial ramifications of HIV protease inhibitors can be backed by in vitro research showing activity of lopinavir at levels achievable in humans,3,5 in vivo studies displaying activity against the rodent parasite P. Chabaudi, 5 activity against clinical isolates of P. Falciparum and P. Vivax, 14 in vitro activity against P. Falciparum in serum samples from individuals receiving protease inhibitors,15 and action against P. Falciparum phagocytosis and cytoadherence.16 In vitro antimalarial activity is not reported with levels of NNRTIs that are attained with standard doses.2 The antimalarial activity of HIV protease inhibitors could theoretically be due to inhibition of plasmodial aspartic proteases that are biochemically similar to the HIV protease.