It will be not only a personal triumph but also a triumph of community spirit.

66 newly-minted pharmacists to get diplomas at ETSU When 66 newly-minted pharmacists at East Tennessee State University – – the first graduating course of the Gatton University of Pharmacy – – obtain diplomas in a couple weeks, it will be not only a personal triumph but also a triumph of community spirit. The school almost didn’t happen. When the Condition of Tennessee committed money for a new pharmacy system in Memphis, nearly 500 miles from ETSU and Johnson Town, business leaders across Northeast Tennessee required matters in their personal hands, and raised money more .

Sepkowitz, M.D., John A. Jernigan, M.D., Kakotan Sanogo, M.S., and Edward S. Wong, M.D.: Aftereffect of Daily Chlorhexidine Bathing on Hospital-Acquired Infection Multidrug-resistant organisms , including methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus and vancomycin-resistant enterococcus , have become endemic in many acute care and long-term care facilities.1-5 Infections with these organisms are often difficult to treat, due to a dwindling armamentarium of active antimicrobial agents. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has promulgated a number of strategies, including hand hygiene and the usage of isolation safety measures, to limit the spread of the organisms among individuals, but these strategies need consistent adherence to procedures by large numbers of healthcare personnel during frequent affected individual encounters and can be challenging to sustain.9,10 Targeted interventions, particularly in intensive care devices , can substantially decrease the risk of hospital-obtained bloodstream infections linked to the use of central venous catheters.