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In this real way, hundreds of tiny actions are prevented from occurring, resulting to a smoother appearance of the skin without fine lines and wrinkles or lines. The problem with Botox has always been the need for shots and the side-effects associated with the method. Natox does something such as Botox through the use of natural means no injections at all. The Natox cream includes various micro-crystals that are absorbed by the skin. These crystals emanate specific electromagnetic frequencies which block the nerve endings from transmitting the fragile signals for muscles contractions which are in charge of the creation of creases and wrinkles.Reported prices of survival to discharge after in-hospital CPR vary from 7 percent to 26 percent.6-8 The largest study to date, which included 14,720 CPR events from the National Registry of CardioPulmonary Resuscitation, showed that 17 percent of patients survived to discharge.9 Associations between survival and age after CPR remain unclear, with conflicting effects from previous research.6,10,11 Black race may be associated with lower survival after in-hospital or out-of-hospital CPR and could be connected with delayed defibrillation.12-14 We conducted an epidemiologic study of in-medical center CPR in older adults in the usa from 1992 through 2005.