Bedtime Texting COULD BE Hazardous to Teens Health: WEDNESDAY.

Our study confirms that many teenagers are texting past due during the night when they should be sleeping. This behavior is certainly more common among older teenagers, those in senior high school especially, and among ladies, said study co-writer Vincent DeBari. He’s director of analysis at the Seton Hall University School of Medical and Health Sciences, in South Orange. Probably the most worrisome areas of our findings is that furthermore to affecting the quality and quantity of sleep teenagers are getting, bedtime smartphone use seems to be having a negative impact on their degree of alertness throughout the day and on the grades in school, DeBari stated in a university information release.Weight problems and Allergic Rhinitis: Any Relationship? Presenter: Edoardo Cervoni, MD Objective: Allergic rhinitis is a very common comorbidity in asthma, both in children and in adults, but its romantic relationship with obesity, often associated with asthma, has not been established. The purpose of this paper is certainly to ascertain if there is a statistically significant romantic relationship between allergic rhinitis and obesity. Method: A inhabitants search using Primary Treatment software program EMIS on a cluster of 5499 subjects was undertaken to identify prevalence of allergic rhinitis among obese patients. Results: There was a statistically significant relationship between allergic rhinitis and obesity just in the group aged 5 to 16 years .