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Four of the individuals with thrombomodulin mutations acquired low serum C3 levels. C4 amounts were normal in all the patients. These results suggest that thrombomodulin mutations are associated with surplus activation of the choice complement pathway.9 Thrombomodulin and Complement Activation To test whether genetic variations of THBD contribute to the activation of complement, we examined the ability of wild-type and mutant thrombomodulin to supply safety against complement activation on the cell surface.32-34 CHO-K1 cells were stably transfected with empty vector or with vector expressing thrombomodulin. Complement activation was induced by incubating cells with complement-fixing anti-CHO antibodies, accompanied by C6-depleted serum.They are fully non-toxic Premier Research Labs Products pledge that they are non-toxic in fact it is meant by them. All the products beneath the PRL banner are excipients free of charge, which means that they do not contain any toxic chemical substances in processing or include any harmful preservatives such as talcum powder, carcinogenic or magnesium stearate, parts that are easily used for the nutritional product tableting and to expedite the encapsulation process. Produce formulas that really work PRL does not have confidence in selling their products by the number just.