A critical way of measuring efficiency of an RA treatment.

The LITHE data further displays the potential of Actemra as a highly effective and well tolerated treatment for sufferers suffering from the debilitating ramifications of RA stated William M. Burns, CEO Roche Pharmaceuticals Division. By demonstrating an inhibition of joint damage and enhancing physical function, Actemra not only impacts the disease positively, but helps patients to improve the quality of their lives also. The LITHE study is the fifth global phase III trial on Actemra to successfully meet its principal endpoints in individuals with moderate to severe RA. First-year data out of this two-calendar year trial will become submitted for display at upcoming international scientific meetings. Actemra is the first of a new class of medication with a novel mechanism of action that brings new hope to RA patients.A new study is way better defining the impact that depression and tension have on women suffering from rheumatoid arthritis A new research is way better defining the impact that tension and depression have on women experiencing rheumatoid arthritis . The extensive research, led by a team of ASU psychologists, shows increased pain and inflammation for all those dealing with high amounts of stress and depression. Research on the autoimmune disease that afflicts millions of Americans, led by ASU psychologist Alex J. Zautra, talks about how the body activates the immune system during periods of major depression and stress.