African Americans much more likely than Caucasians to build up and die from lung cancer Lung cancer.

Results of the study had been announced today at the American Association for Cancer Research annual Research of Cancer Health Disparities in Racial/Ethnic Minorities and the Medically Underserved conference in Washington, D.C. Few prospective lung cancer studies have viewed the impact of race and ethnicity on clinical outcomes, stated Lee Schwartzberg, M.D., FACP, president and chief medical officer at ACORN Study, LLC and one of the study’s investigators. Disease Control Price, or DCR, is thought as the %age of individuals with a partial or comprehensive response to a drug, in addition to the %age of sufferers whose disease has stabilized. DCR could be a more powerful predictor of what sort of medication will affect survival compared to the traditional measure of tumor response to therapy .The German-based conglomerate is certainly one of a half-dozen pharmaceutical manufacturers presenting at the FDA meeting, scheduled for Feb. 10 and 11. The FDA also disclosed Tuesday that it is considering halting a long-term study comparing the protection of naproxen, celebrex and ibuprofen, the prescription painkiller from Pfizer. Considering that recent data show a lesser rate of heart stroke and assault for naproxen, FDA staffers say sufferers in the trial are becoming subjected to an undue risk.