AMSBIO-Trevigen prize winner announced AMSBIO.

AMSBIO-Trevigen prize winner announced AMSBIO, regular sponsor of the annual Beatson International Tumor Meeting announces that the winner of the AMSBIO-Trevigen prize for the best poster was Katarzyna Grzes – a PhD researcher specialising in Cell Signaling and Immunology in the University of Dundee . Miss Grzes was named as champion of the Poster Prize for the best presented & most interesting poster on her behalf work entitled 'Metabolic regulation in PTEN null T lymphoma / leukemia'. AMSBIO is definitely a rapidly growing company centered on the supply and development of products and technology for cancer analysis with emphasise on apoptosis, DNA repair and damage, and cancer cell behavior and function.Endoscopic bowel examination didn’t reveal a trigger for the diarrhea in any of the patients. Two additional old siblings were fit and well, but chronic diarrhea and the sicca syndrome experienced recently developed in the son of the proband’s old sister , who was 48 years . The outcomes of serum biochemical measurements were normal through the entire disease course in every four affected patients, including creatinine levels in the range of 0.71 to 0. Serious autonomic neuropathy was verified in the proband and in her younger sister by means of specialized functional tests. The study was carried out in accordance with the Declaration of Helsinki. All the authors attest to the precision and completeness of the analyses and results.