Actavis launches Tamsulosin capsules in the U.

Actavis launches Tamsulosin capsules in the U.S. Actavis Inc., began shipping Tamsulosin capsules to its customers in the usa today. Actavis can be partnering with Synthon Pharmaceuticals to start and market Tamsulosin capsules in the usa.4 mg strength capsule.S. Were approximately US$2.december 2009 17 billion for the 12 months ending, according to IMS Health data. Â.Common medical indications include difficulty breathing, persistent cough, wheezing and phlegm production. Over time, the condition can prove fatal. Smoking may be the main cause of COPD, and more than 70 % of people with the condition are former or current smokers, the task force noted. ‘The most crucial step you can take to prevent COPD is in order to avoid cigarette smoking,’ Phillips said. ‘Individuals who smoke should talk to their doctors about ways to quit.’ Another expert agreed.