According to a scholarly study conducted by researchers from Monash University in Melbourne.

As the world’s people ages, health experts think that the prevalence of conditions linked to memory loss will rise, including diabetes and dementia. The researchers recommended that early intervention, including with turmeric, might lessen the prevalence of those circumstances and blunt their results in those that develop them. ‘Working memory space is widely thought to be probably the most essential mental faculties, critical for cognitive capabilities such as planning, problem solving and reasoning,’ Wahlqvist said. ‘Assessment of working memory is easy and convenient, but it is also very useful in the appraisal of cognition and in predicting future dementia and impairment. ‘ The power of curcuminResearch has connected turmeric and curcumin even more directly to decreased dementia risk also.Coaches should become familiar with the athletes watching how their attitudes switch. As attitudes change, it usually indicates that another thing is going on within their lives. We've surely got to come across those causes thus we can be proactive and obtain the sports athletes counseling or find other ways to meet their needs.’ At Mizzou, several assets exist to greatly help student-athletes minimize tension and stay healthy. THE FULL TOTAL Person Program encompasses educational support services, student-athlete advancement – through personal and social development programming, career community and counseling support – and sport and psychological counseling services.