Lisa Rosenbaum.

Therefore EHRs will be only as good as the quality metrics they’re made to capture; technology can’t overcome fundamental measurement issues. We measure many things that have no worth to patients, while much of what […]

AAO-HNS releases CCS to handle ambiguities.

Furthermore, current procedural terminology billing coding schemes for nasal valve medical procedures are unclear, as are the boundaries and overlap with additional nasal surgical codes. To be able to help organize and disseminate information relating […]

Including dental health.

Health center grantees requesting ES money must demonstrate how these money will be used to expand medical capacity and providers to underserved populations in their assistance areas. For grant program information, please visit Applications are […]

As HIV Sufferers Live Longer.

Generally, we need to be more aware of each patient’s particular health profile, so we are able to perhaps modify or modification treatment as needed to cope with the risks at hand, he said. Study […]

Health and learning.

Burkhard Timmler, Associate Director Clinical Advancement at AiCuris. Regardless of available therapeutic options there seems to be a great demand for a new, well tolerated and efficacious medication for people suffering from genital herpes . […]

43 of the children have since died.

They have already been discovered guilty of infecting around 393 kids at a hospital in Benghazi with the HIV virus. 43 of the children have since died. Moves to appeal the sentence are getting put […]

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