A professor in the UAB Division of Pathology.

He’s on the editorial boards of three scientific journals and may be the immediate-previous editor in chief of the American Journal of Pathology. McDonald has published more than 200 scientific manuscripts. He offered on the Institute of Medication Committee on Creating a Vision for Space Medicine During Travel Beyond Earth Orbit, & most recently was appointed an associate of the NASA Research Partnership Subcommittee.Four of them experienced a sustained virologic response, whereas the 5th patient acquired clearance of the virus by 3 months following the end of therapy. The sixth patient, who was simply treated for 4 initially.5 months, was re-treated for 12 months. He had clearance of the virus and is still receiving therapy. Finally, an individual with a partial response was re-treated at a dose of 400 mg daily after a washout amount of 8 months. He had clearance of the virus 15 months after the initiation of re-treatment, and with maintenance of therapy, the serum HEV RNA level was still undetectable at 25 weeks after the initiation of re-treatment. Biochemical Response Liver-enzyme levels decreased in all the patients during and after ribavirin therapy . At six months following the end of therapy, degrees of alanine aminotransferase and aspartate aminotransferase were within the standard ranges in all patients, except in two liver-transplant recipients.