3 easy ways to look after your eyes Imagine a complete day without being in a position to see.

1 Look away from your personal computer screen, every 20 minutes roughly Staring at your personal computer screen for extended hours could cause: Eye strain Dry eyes Blurry vision Headache Discomfort in neck, back again, and shoulder Therefore, we recommend you never to stare your personal computer screen for long hours; instead, you should give rest to your eyes every 20 minutes or so by looking at a distance object for about 20 secs. And every 2 hours or so, you should get up from your chair and take a brief break for a quarter-hour.Prior Immunosuppressant Make use of as a Risk Factor for PML The usage of immunosuppressants before the initiation of natalizumab therapy was more common among patients in whom PML subsequently created than among patients signed up for the TYGRIS study, which represented the entire patient population receiving natalizumab therapy. A total of 34.5 percent of natalizumab-treated patients with PML, in comparison with 20.3 percent of most natalizumab-treated sufferers in the TYGRIS study , had received one or more immunosuppressants prior to the initiation of natalizumab therapy; the immunosuppressants used most regularly among natalizumab-treated patients with PML and among natalizumab-treated sufferers in the TYGRIS research included mitoxantrone, methotrexate, cyclophosphamide, azathioprine, and mycophenolate mofetil .