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It’s a different story for newborns and incredibly young infants, though. They should be evaluated by a health care provider for any fever that gets to 100.4°F or more. If a kid has a higher fever and feels uncomfortable, the doctor might tell a parent to provide the youngster medicine. The two medicines frequently recommended are acetaminophen or ibuprofen . The medication blocks the chemical substances that tell the hypothalamus to carefully turn up heat.Pierre Legault, Chief and President Executive Officer of Prosidion Ltd., commented, ‘This contract with Aestus matches well with Prosidion’s technique as we look for to increase the potential of substances we’ve discovered and contribute to the advancement of much needed treatments either by Prosidion or by our partners. We are delighted that Aestus provides identified the prospect of PSN-357 to bring relief to neuropathic pain sufferers worldwide.’ Aestus provides completed a placebo managed recently, double blind, clinical Phase II study in post-herpetic neuralgia of its lead compound ATx08-001.