According to a new analysis of studies.

A review of percutaneous kyphoplasty An operation that fills in fractured vertebrae with injected cement has not been shown to improve a person’s back pain or quality of life, according to a new analysis of studies common info . The procedure, referred to as percutaneous kyphoplasty, will seem to expand regions of collapsed backbone and regain some vertebral elevation in individuals with osteoporosis, although the studies did not offer enough information to precisely measure the magnitude of these improvements, the researchers found.

The analysis was made to determine the reason why obesity and related behaviors cluster in social networks. Is it because friends influence one another’s behavior? Or could it be simply because lean adolescents generally have lean friends and heavier adolescents generally have heavier friends? Researchers utilized a sophisticated statistical technique to determine how much of the link between obesity and internet sites is because of social influence and how much is because of homophily. This statistical technique is called stochastic actor-based model, or SABM. The researchers examined data from two large high academic institutions that participated in the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health .