Antibiotic Resistance Could Threaten Surgery.

Those procedures included hip fracture surgery, pacemaker implantation, medical abortion, spinal surgery, hip replacement, C-section delivery, prostate biopsy, appendectomy, hysterectomy and colon surgery. Based on their review, the researchers estimate that between 39 % and 51 % of medical site infections and 27 % of post-chemotherapy infections are caused by bacteria already relatively resistant to antibiotics. Using a computer model, the analysis authors could actually display that with a ten % increase in antibiotic resistance, there will be at least 2,100 more infection-related deaths a complete year and 40, 000 more infections following surgery or chemo.announced today the addition of the BenchBot Robot to its line of automated microplate handling tools. Within Agilent’s Automation Solutions instrumentation portfolio, the BenchBot complements the Direct Drive Robot and BenchCel Microplate Handler. Ideal for a multitude of applications, the BenchBot features: a concise, scalable design to support a variety of laboratory products and readers; simple, one-touch teaching for easy integration and fast set up; VWorks software program scheduling to maximize throughput of a cohesive automation system; easy integration with an increase of than 100 laboratory gadgets for maximum versatility; and compatibility with labware – including PCR microplates, deep-well microplates, filtration system microplates, tube racks, & most suggestion boxes – that complies with the standards set by the American National Specifications Institute/Culture for Biomolecular Screening.