Gloria Ikilezi.

Participants received all their medical care in a scholarly study clinic that was open every day. Routine visits were scheduled every 4 weeks, and routine laboratory checks were performed every 12 weeks. Parents or guardians […]

President of Acsys Interactive.

Acsys Interactive’s recommendations to the FDA on social mass media in the healthcare industry At the invitation of the meals and Drug Administration, Stan Valencis, President of Acsys Interactive, recently presented a number of recommendations […]

17-year-old Pa.

Among episodes those diagnosed with KLS look like in perfect health without proof behavioral or physical dysfunction, notes the Foundation. Nonetheless they function daily with the frightful reality that they could become ill again at […]

With Yale University.

2010 John Dystel Prize for Multiple Sclerosis Research awarded to Yale University researcher The American Academy of Neurology is awarding the 2010 John Dystel Prize for Multiple Sclerosis Study to David A. Hafler, MD, with […]

Nanthia Suthana.

We do the same comparison for the 5 secs after the onset of a navigation trial and the 5 seconds before the onset of a navigation trial during trials with no stimulation. The phase-resetting analysis […]

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