Published in the August issue of the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology.

‘Our results reinforce the necessity to control diesel exhaust emissions,’ said epidemiologist Grace LeMasters, PhD, professor of environmental health and principal investigator of the analysis. In the long term, the research could lead to the design of new therapeutic strategies or drugs against retroviruses, which cause diseases such as AIDS and particular leukemias. Mammals have developed several mechanisms to fight viral infections, and insight into how animals and humans successfully limit virus pass on helps to develop effective anti-viral medications and vaccines. The scientists are set to further investigate a mechanism that may be in a position to stop so-called retroviruses within their tracks.Three major health interferencesThere are three major interferences with our bodies’ nervous program function and natural rhythms of life. The first main stress is mental/emotional and must be addressed effectively. Living in circumstances of fear is certainly destructive to human being physiology extremely. Fear drives stress hormones which make use of all the key resources in your body and leave the machine drained after a period of time. To minimize mental/emotional stress, remember to breath deep and concentrate on your relationship and identity in your spiritual life. Additionally it is great to reconnect with the Earth’s rhythms by grounding yourself through walking barefoot, sitting or lying on grass, sand or dirt for as long as possible.