1 in 13 women that are pregnant consume alcohol.

The survey was only given to people who have landline phones also, which may have skewed rates. The CDC says drinking while pregnant can lead to fetal alcoholic beverages spectrum disorders , which include fetal alcohol syndrome, alcohol-related neurodevelopmental disorder, and alcohol-related birth defects. Fetal alcoholic beverages syndrome is definitely the most severe end of the FASD-spectrum, and may lead to problems with learning, memory, vision or hearing. Drinking during pregnancy can also result in fetal death. However In June, five Danish research published in BJOG: An International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecologyfound that low to moderate levels of drinking during pregnancy may not trigger neurological or psychological harm to children by enough time they turned 5.P values were calculated by using the Wald chi-square statistic. Number-of-event end points were compared between study groups with the use of Poisson regression with correction for overdispersion and adjustment for treatment exposure. To allow for a clear distinction between events, specific episodes of exacerbations needed to be separated by a gap of at least 7 days. In keeping with the design of the scholarly study, exacerbations were not systematically followed up after a patient’s premature discontinuation of the trial medication.17 Hence, in the efficacy analysis, just exacerbations with onset during the right time an individual was receiving treatment were included.7,20 Patients who withdrew from the trial prematurely without having got an exacerbation were regarded as having acquired no exacerbation, and in the time-to-event analysis, their data were censored at the time of withdrawal.