Stefan Zeuzem.

Stefan Zeuzem, M.D., Pietro Andreone, M .D., Stanislas Pol, M.D., Eric Lawitz, M.D., Moises Diago, M.D., Stuart Roberts, M.D., Roberto Focaccia, M.D., Zobair Younossi, M.D., Graham R. Foster, F.C.R.P., Andrzej Horban, M.D., Peter Ferenci, M.D., Frederik Nevens, M.D.D., Paul Pockros, M.D., Ruben Terg, M.D., Daniel Shouval, M.D., Bart van Hoek, M.D., Ola Weiland, M.D., Rolf Van Heeswijk, Pharm.D., Sandra De Meyer, Ph.D., Don Luo, Ph.D., Griet Boogaerts, M.Sc., Ramon Polo, Pharm.D., Gaston Picchio, Ph.D., and Maria Beumont, M.D. For the REALIZE Study Team: Telaprevir for Retreatment of HCV Infection Around 60 percent of patients who are infected with hepatitis C virus genotype 1 are not cured simply by 48 weeks of peginterferon alfa combined with ribavirin.1 This kind of patients fall into among three categories: those who have simply no response to therapy, which is defined as a reduction of significantly less than 2 log10 in HCV RNA levels after 12 weeks of therapy2; anyone who has a partial response, which is usually defined as a reduction of at least 2 log10 in an individual who has always had detectable serum HCV RNA during therapy; and those who have a relapse, which is thought as undetectable serum HCV RNA at the final end of treatment but with subsequent virologic relapse.

Teno, MD, MS, on morning Friday. The Distinguished Researcher Award recognizes an outstanding body of research that has contributed to the advancement of hospice and palliative care. Dr. Teno is being honored on her behalf exceptional ongoing commitment and remarkable contribution to finding out how to measure and improve the quality of end-of-life look after vulnerable populations. Both a researcher and a clinician, Dr. Teno is well known for her research concentrating on health care for dying individuals and frail persons residing in nursing homes. She created the Brownish University Family members Evaluation of Hospice Treatment, a post-death survey tool that collects info from family caregivers in regards to a adored one’s hospice experience.