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Among episodes those diagnosed with KLS look like in perfect health without proof behavioral or physical dysfunction, notes the Foundation. Nonetheless they function daily with the frightful reality that they could become ill again at at any time. No diagnostic medical test can confirm the disease, with patients showing normal results on brain scans, EEGS, and cerebrospinal fluid tests. Stanford University School of Medicine stated the rarity of KLS, when compared to high-frequency of flu-like ailments suggests some patients may be genetically predisposed to the disease. Nicole told KDKA her last episode was in March and she’s scared of when it may happen again. She requires medication to help spread the sleeping episodes aside.Although smoking itself may cause subclinical changes in still left ventricular function, 51 it is most likely not a confounder of the observed associations for several reasons. First, the outcomes of multivariate analyses changed little before and after the adjustment for multiple methods of smoking . Second, it is not most likely that current smokers had been misclassified, since this status was confirmed by means of urinary cotinine levels. Third, the number of pack-years of cigarette smoking was not associated with left ventricular methods14 and was as a result not likely to have confounded the observed associations even if we had not adjusted for this.