Affinion Security Middle enhances BreachShield service Affinion Security Middle.

Affinion Security Middle enhances BreachShield service Affinion Security Middle, a respected provider of identity theft protection services, today announced enhancements to its BreachShield service, targeted at preventing, detecting and resolving Identity Theft resulting from data breaches for companies at risk and the customers who trust those businesses. Based on the Identity Theft Study Center , more than 222 million personal records were exposed as the result of a breach in ’09 2009 alone renseignements de m├ędication . Breaches can occur in many ways, from hacking and insider theft through accidental exposure of information. One type of ID theft documented by the ITRC can be medical identity theft, that may have grave consequences.

People in those counties had been suffering from tornados and severe weather in early June. Also, yet another 60 days is available to these clients for filing statements, submitting additional information required for claim processing, and for level I and level II appeals that are due during that right time period. Health care providers are similarly becoming granted a 60-time extension for deadlines falling within that right time period. Following storms, Aetna immediately offered all affected associates early refills on the prescriptions and replacement prescriptions as needed for those who use Aetna’s mail-order pharmacy. People displaced by the storms can get a substitute prescription at another delivery area or refill a prescription that might have been lost, broken or destroyed by the tornados and floods.