Study Questions Results That Prolonged Sitting down Is Unhealthy: WEDNESDAY.

14, 2015 – – Sitting for long periods might not be as deadly as earlier research has suggested. A fresh report from British scientists finds that folks are not at a higher risk for early death if indeed they don’t leave their chair or couch for hours at a time. The results challenge numerous studies which have claimed even regular exercise won’t erase the health harms of sedentary behavior. Our findings claim that reducing sitting time may not be quite as important for mortality risk as previously publicized, and that encouraging visitors to be more active ought to be a public health priority still, study author Richard Pulsford, from the department of sport and wellness sciences at the University of Exeter, stated in a university information release.Household Survey We surveyed the city to define the extent of the outbreak and determine risk factors for infection. We used basic, random, one-stage cluster sampling to select 200 of the 1276 households on Yap, and we sought to enroll all household members three years of age or older. We used a standard questionnaire to get data from consenting household residents regarding age, sex, birthplace, potential risk elements for infection, since April 1 and illness, 2007. We obtained bloodstream samples from all eligible consenting household residents.