Response in Sierra Leone to Ebola Outbreak Saved 40.

But many instances in Sierra Leone have gone unreported potentially. The actual figure is likely to be much higher, researchers said in background information. To see what difference the global response made about the Ebola epidemic, Kucharski and his team made a decision to observe how the introduction of thousands of new medical center beds might have helped prevent the spread of the deadly virus. ‘We looked at the impact of beds as this is a measure that could be easily quantified,’ Kucharski stated. ‘If a case was in cure center, it meant these were not in the community potentially spreading infection.’ The researchers focused on Sierra Leone because that nation taken care of relatively good data on disease incidence and bed capability in different districts as time passes, Kucharski said.‘Our decision to stop the EPIC trial at the moment is founded on our current evaluation of the protection data in the trial because it was positioned on partial clinical hold last week,’stated Timothy P. Clackson, Ph.D., president of research and development and chief scientific officer at ARIAD. ‘We believe that that is in the best interests of individual safety and the overall development of Iclusig.’ Related StoriesPenn study forms basis for brand-new treatment techniques for Sezary syndromeDr.