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Samalizumab dosing was connected with no dose-limiting or serious adverse cytokine reactions. The maximum tolerated dose was not reached in this trial. In patients with sufficient peripheral immune cells to evaluate biological activity, 95 percent showed 81 percent to 98 percent reductions in peripheral CD200+ CD4+ T cells. In addition, 67 percent of sufferers demonstrated 64 percent to 75 percent CD200 reduction on B-CLL cells following a first dose of samalizumab, which might represent CD200 down-modulation or CD200+ cell loss. These results are consistent with the predicted immunomodulatory mechanism of action for samalizumab, which is designed to inhibit CD200-dependent immune suppression, enabling a more efficient immune response against CD200+ tumor cells.The mean total Mayo scores, mean partial Mayo scores, mean Inflammatory Bowel Disease Questionnaire scores, mean CRP concentrations, and mean fecal calprotectin concentrations through the study period are shown in Shape 2Figure 2Mean Ratings on Clinical Scales and Mean Clinical Concentrations during the 8-Week Study Period, According to review Group. . Safety The most commonly reported adverse events related to infection were influenza and nasopharyngitis . Two patients getting 10 mg of tofacitinib twice daily had severe adverse events from illness .