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And have been available since 2007 commercially.. Alliance Imaging to offer mobile PEM imaging providers in the state of Florida Naviscan announced today that Alliance Imaging, a division of Alliance Healthcare Services, will be giving cellular Positron Emission Mammography imaging solutions in the state of Florida. As PEM imaging offers increased in demand, Alliance Imaging has added this ongoing assistance to continue its commitment to provide advanced diagnostic imaging services to its customers. PEM scanners are high-resolution breast PET systems that may show the location and also the metabolic stage of a lesion. PEM scanners, which are about how big is an ultrasound system, are manufactured by Naviscan, Inc.August The Axiom EUR Array Plate will be commercially available in, the rest of the plates in 2011 later.1 for automated allele phoning and quality control.. All About CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM Disease This article is written to familiarize you with a genuine number of points concerning cardiovascular system disease. It supplements an earlier article. There are various types of cardiovascular disease that can affect a person. They all represent significant threats to one’s wellness, and in this article, we’ll be placing the spotlight on cardiovascular system disease.