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All experienced a body mass index of 27 or more, meaning these were overweight or obese. The groupings were followed for about four years to see how their fitness level affected the recurrence of the abnormal heartbeat. Patients were also offered a doctor-led weight reduction and exercise program. After four years of follow-up, 84 % in the high fitness group no longer had atrial fibrillation, weighed against 76 % in the adequate group and 17 % in the reduced fitness group, the researchers found. Sanders’ team also found that for every increase in metabolic equivalent – – a measure of the quantity of oxygen used at rest – – the risk of atrial fibrillation recurrence was reduced 20 %. Those with increases of several metabolic equivalents who also shed weight had specifically dramatic declines in the likelihood of atrial fibrillation recurrence, the results showed.Another issue for which this kind of agina is considered to be more dangerous is that if not treated immediately, it can be responsible for more dangerous heart diseases for instance heart attack. And obviously, it could be said that normally it takes the sufferer to the entranceway of death if triggers these kinds of heart problems. Treatment of Agina in Germany Physicians have worked hard to find solutions to this heart problem. In the year 2010, Ticagrelor was officially approved by the physicians of Germany to take care of the disease.