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Dr. Jurgen Debus, Director of the Section of Radiation Oncology, University of Heidelberg. We’ve a long history using TomoTherapy technologies and have noticed the benefits they offer cancer patients, so we are wanting to jointly explore further scientific advancements. In addition to its role in advancing radiation oncology and patient care, this master study and collaboration contract bears particular significance for Accuray as it represents a chance for extended collaboration captured as a result of Siemens’ exit from the radiation therapy business. Siemens has a longstanding collaboration set up with University of Heidelberg for both radiology and therapeutic radiation oncology research. With Siemens’ exit from the linear accelerator business, as announced within the business’s November 10, 2011 news release, the University of Heidelberg shall continue to collaborate with Siemens on imaging research, while Accuray will right now provide as a therapeutic radiation oncology analysis partner.They not only make us healthier but add flavor and interest to our food. Blood sugar-lowering spices and herbs include cinnamon, fenugreek and the nopal cactus. The take away here’s that the more natural your diet, the better your wellbeing. Replace processed sugars, fat and flours with their natural alternatives, and you’re well on the way to a wholesome life.

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