Constipation is a total result of problems in the digestive area which limits normal bowel motions.

Irritable colon and rectum, usage of liquors, insufficient intake of water, excessive use of solid tea and coffee, lack of exercise, excessive intake of pet protein, not having high fiber meals in diet, wrong diet plan and intestinal problems delaying bowel motion are some of the root causes of constipation. Symptoms of constipation are different for different people. Though, the major symptom of constipation may be the incapability to pass stool. There are some other common medical indications include loss of appetite, weight reduction, difficulty in elimination, dizziness and nausea, heaviness in the belly and coated tongue.AKD is raising funds to continue development. We are working to improve now additional funding to expedite getting this therapy to advertise. Early in-vitro data offers been successful and pet testing in mice has shown no undesireable effects with oral administration at concentrations a large number of times higher than used in our in-vitro testing. The goal for cancer research is to find the cure for cancers. We are actually working to raise additional funding to expedite getting this therapy to market. The mechanism of action is in keeping with apoptotic pathway activation and simply shuts down the malignancy after contact with our molecules. The animal model in mice displays no proof toxicity.