To treat his worsening emphysema.

AeriSeal System appears to be effective in treating emphysema Researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham injected a foam sealant in to the lungs of a past smoker on Oct. 29, 2012, to treat his worsening emphysema. He was the first affected individual in the United States treated in a late-stage clinical trial of the AeriSeal System. The therapy, approved for make use of in elements of Israel and Europe, is undergoing investigation in the U.S. As a potential approach to reducing lung quantity in patients with serious emphysema. Emphysema, a lung disease usually caused by smoking, damages surroundings sacs in the lung known as alveoli.Tuesday, April 12, in the convention center’s Ballroom C, on the third level. The award includes a plaque, a $3,000 cash prize and travel expenditures. Herbert Tabor/Journal of Biological Chemistry Lectureship George R. Stark, a distinguished scientist at the Cleveland Clinic’s Lerner Research Institute and emeritus professor of genetics at Case Western Reserve University, gained the Herbert Tabor/Journal of Biological Chemistry Lectureship. The award recognizes life time scientific achievements and was set up to honor the many contributions of Herbert Tabor to both the society and the journal, for which he offered as editor for nearly 40 years. George Stark has been a innovator and pioneer in basic and applied research, said Charles E. Samuel of the University of California, Santa Barbara, a longtime colleague of Stark’s.