Accelrys announces Simulation and Modeling Suite for optimizing R&D value chain Accelrys.

As an integral element of the company’s strategy for optimizing the R&D value chain, the suite presents a unique platform method of scientific modeling and simulation that reduces costs, enhances productivity and improves outcomes, sustainability and quality in R&D through the automation and expert usage of predictive science. This suite offers scientific institutions engaged in pharmaceutical, chemical and materials R&D usage of the broadest, deepest predictive science capabilities ranging across small molecules, biomolecules, chemicals and materials.This conference offers a forum for specialists in neuro-scientific aging to provide their work and talk about ideas about gerontological and geriatric education and training. Complete meeting details are available at Mass media representatives are invited to wait cost-free. Opening Plenary Session: Thursday, March 4, 6:30 p.m. Eldercare Workforce Challenge: Our Call to Arms John W. Rowe, MD, will call the audience’s attention to the looming crisis in the product quality and firm of the heath treatment workforce for tomorrow’s older adults. He’s the co-author of the broadly acclaimed book Effective Aging; and chair of the Institute of Medicine study group that created the record Retooling for an Ageing America: Building medical Care Workforce.