Announced today that it has certified its Staccato nicotine technology to Cypress Bioscience.

. The Staccato program is a wide technology system and Alexza has even more Staccato-based product candidates than we can currently afford to develop on our own. King, Alexza CEO and President. Related StoriesUF Wellness researcher reveals how betel nut's psychoactive chemical functions in the brainNew study demonstrates using e-cigarettes linked to problematic drinkingNew analysis points to use of e-cigarettes as quitting help among U.S. AdultsFinancial Details According to the terms of the agreement, Cypress will pay Alexza an upfront payment of $5 million to acquire the worldwide license for the Staccato nicotine technology. Â.. Alexza Pharmaceuticals licenses Staccato nicotine technology to Cypress Bioscience Alexza Pharmaceuticals, Inc.Further research is necessary but this means that that ADAMTS7 will be a promising focus on against which new medications could be designed to act. .

AHRQ releases data on disparities involving hospitalization of kids for asthma Black children were four times much more likely than white children to be hospitalized for a severe asthma attack in 2007, according to the latest Numbers and News from the Agency intended for Healthcare Study and Quality. For each 100,000 kids age 2 to 17 hospitalized for asthma episodes, the federal agency’s data present that: 384 were dark, 94 were white, and 135 were Hispanic.