The American Dietetic Associations 2011 Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo.

Featuring The Great Sweetener Debate: Nutritive and nonnutritive Sweeteners, the Member Show will include a lively point-counterpoint debate on the latest science related to sweeteners and their impact on health. Speakers include Barry Popkin, PhD, and moderator Theresa Nicklas, DrPH. Nourishment science analysis with particular relevance to the dietetics career will be showcased, from new and emerging electronic applications and technologies to helping parents develop healthy eating strategies for children. Keynote speaker Jack Canfield, best-selling author of the Poultry Soup for the Soul series, will speak on The Success Principles: How to Get from WHAT YOUR LOCATION IS to Where You Wish to be.The insurer can also tell employers what premiums they would have to spend and can enroll employees. Some smaller businesses may qualify for tax credits worthy of up to 50 % of their superior costs . Reuters: U.S. Delays Online Health Insurance Enrollment For SMALLER BUSINESSES Republicans, who want to repeal or alter regulations fundamentally, pounced on the fact that the announcement emerged on the eve of the Thanksgiving Day time holiday when many Us citizens are distracted by travel and family activities.