ARIAD to present clinical data on ponatinib for CML at ASH Annual Meeting ARIAD Pharmaceuticals.

today announced that up to date clinical data from a completely enrolled Stage 1 trial of its investigational, pan-BCR-ABL inhibitor, ponatinib, will be provided at the 52nd Annual Interacting with of the American Culture of Hematology becoming held in Orlando, Florida, December 4-7, 2010. These Phase 1 findings in patients with resistant and refractory chronic myeloid leukemia will be featured within an oral presentation and can also end up being highlighted in a webcast trader meeting being kept at ASH.In separate analyses of data from the Rakai-1 and Rakai-2 trials, male circumcision decreased the incidence of HSV-2 infection in both trials. In the Rakai-1 trial, the cumulative probability of HSV-2 infections at two years in the intention-to-treat people was reduced the intervention group than in the control group , with an unadjusted hazard ratio of 0.77 . In the Rakai-2 trial, the cumulative possibility of HSV-2 infection was 8.6 percent in the intervention group and 14.0 percent in the control group . There was no significant difference in efficacy between the Rakai-1 trial and the Rakai-2 trial . The cumulative rates of HSV-2 seroconversion per 100 person-years, sexual practices, and symptoms of sexually transmitted infections are shown in Number 3Amount 3Incidence of Herpes Simplex Virus Type 2 Contamination and Incidence-Rate Ratios, According to Sociodemographic and Clinical Characteristics.