Michel Attal.

An increased risk of severe lymphoblastic leukemia or Hodgkin’s disease has not previously been reported among individuals with myeloma.21 Currently, the beneficial effect of lenalidomide maintenance therapy on event-free survival shows that more patients receive benefit than are harmed; however, the chance of second major cancers is serious, and follow-up periods will end up being necessary to accurately quantify the risk longer. In conclusion, this study implies that lenalidomide maintenance therapy following transplantation significantly improves progression-free and event-free of charge survival in individuals with multiple myeloma, without improvement in general survival.A study involving the long-term usage of omega-3 products in asthmatics has also verified that the nutrient can result in a significant decrease is asthma symptoms, particularly in those suffering from allergy-related asthma.

Helps 2010: Advocates march in Vienna for human privileges of HIV/AIDS patients Thousands of HIV/Helps advocates, gathered for the International Helps Conference-AIDS 2010, ‘marched through Vienna’s city centre on Tuesday night time, demanding more respect for human being privileges in the fight against HIV,’ Agence France-Presse reviews. Julio Montaner, director of the International AIDS Society and co-chair of AIDS 2010, Michel Sidibe, head of Michel and UNAIDS Kazatchkine, head of the Global Fund to Fight Aids, Malaria and Tuberculosis, helped business lead the march, according to the news services .