Offering expect new therapies.

The study, backed by the National Medical and Health Research Council and the Victorian Cancer Agency, was published today in the prestigious journal, Nature Medicine.. A new approach to cancer treatment Scientists have discovered a mechanism that causes an aggressive type of lung malignancy to re-grow following chemotherapy, offering expect new therapies. The scholarly study, conducted by a global team of researchers from Monash, John and Stanford Hopkins universities, represents not only the potential for new drugs, but an innovative way of approaching tumor treatment.Widely acknowledged as professionals in cell culture, AMSBIO partners with clients in tailoring cell systems to enhance screening outcomes and eventual prognosis. With a variety of molecular recognition reagents, and a significant Biorepository the company can provide tissue DNA also, RNA, microarray and protein products. Key analysis areas for these products include: Oncology, Regenerative Medicine, Environmental Evaluation, Cytotoxicity Screening, Stem and Glycomics Cell Biology.. ASCB honors UTSA adjunct professor with E. B. Wilson Medal William Brinkley, adjunct professor of biology in the UTSA University of Sciences, was recently honored with the E. B. Wilson Medal from the American Culture for Cell Biology .