‘Cap Reinga” Garland Light


Garland lights are a unique, inventive way to light up a room. Each garland consists of a colored set of balls strung together, making a wave of bright color that can be draped or hung in many creative ways. The balls are hand-made in Thailand following traditional methods. After inflating a balloon, they wrap it up with polyester string and let it dry in the sun. Once the polyester string conforms to the shape of a ball, the balloon is popped and removed from inside, resulting in a beautiful, colorful polyester shell. Each kit contains 20 light balls, a strand of string lights, and directions for assembly (so you can arrange the balls however you’d like). The garlands have been tested by accredited independent labs to make sure they adhere to international safety standards. They look beautiful when draped over a mirror, along a shelf, or simply hung on the wall.


Each box contains:
a 20-ball garland with 20 tiny light bulbs
2 extra light bulbs
Length: 55.1”
Ball size: 2.8” diameter
Color: blue, green, yellow

About the brand

While in Thailand during an around-the-world tour, Sophie and Stephane met Atthakrit, who makes colorful, decorative balls. They brought some of the balls back to their native France as gifts for family and friends. People were thrilled with them. Later, they decided to assemble the balls into garland lights. What a bright idea! That was the beginning of their success story…and their company, ”La Case De Cousin Paul” was born! Ten years later, they still work with Atthakrit and the garlands are made in Thailand in full respect of traditions and work conditions.