But nobody seemed to know why.

In 1998, convinced that she have been identified by her issue, Meyer said she acquired all eight of her own mercury amalgam fillings removed. It was the same season she says that she halted using […]

Advocate Physician Partners.

APP, a collaboration between more than 3,400 doctors and the Advocate HEALTHCARE program, will recommend its 2,600 independent physicians make use of eClinicalWorks EMR and practice management tools to aid and health supplement the CI […]

FDA Approves Repatha for High Cholesterol: FRIDAY.

Low-density lipoprotein, known as LDL commonly, builds up in the bloodstream from natural and food resources, and is a leading cause of cardiovascular disease. About one in four deaths in the usa is linked to […]

9-million testing facility.

The TREK program represents a new method of balloon catheter design, and provides physicians with a high-performing option for treating complicated lesions and difficult-to-reach blockages. Abbott received CE Tag for the TREK program earlier this […]

Allergan seeks to reassure surgeons.

Allergan’s implants possess a sophisticated technology and enhanced security profile due to several refinements in item design and manufacturing, including a more cohesive silicone gel, the addition of a barrier level that’s distinct from earlier […]

What a difference a few inches could make.

All the software, systems and infrastructure are managed and administered by QAD in a secure, reliable data middle complying to SAS 70 standards for protection and delivering availability higher than 99 percent, thereby mitigating many […]

The acquisition was announced on Aug.

The acquisition was announced on Aug. 2. The acquisition enhances Accenture’s existing clinical solutions capabilities – including medical data management, clinical programming and basic safety case processing, among others – and adds regulatory submission services, […]

Zhengping Zhuang.

In this study, we have recognized two novel somatic gain-of-function mutations in HIF2A in multiple tumors from two individuals presenting with paraganglioma connected with polycythemia. Our findings suggest that the clinical presentation in these individuals […]

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