The premier radiation oncology company.

Dr. Jurgen Debus, Director of the Section of Radiation Oncology, University of Heidelberg. We’ve a long history using TomoTherapy technologies and have noticed the benefits they offer cancer patients, so we are wanting to jointly […]

Based on what source you explore.

The EWG praises Senator Debbie Stabenow , chairwoman for the Senate Committee drawing up the 2012 Farm Costs for not really allowing the new costs to be even worse than it is. But they believe […]

Care and treatment.

Such practices clearly violate basic human being rights and seriously undermine HIV programmes by posing barriers to gain access to to HIV prevention, care and treatment. Related StoriesSafe, effective douche-centered rectal microbicide can prevent HIV […]

ADD/ADHD: Pharmaceutical vs.

Individuals and parents are actually faced with a decision: pharmaceutical or alternative treatment? The capability to focus is the primary starting place in an ADD/ADHD medical diagnosis. Kids that demonstrate a gradual or nonexistent development […]

Zhengping Zhuang.

In this study, we have recognized two novel somatic gain-of-function mutations in HIF2A in multiple tumors from two individuals presenting with paraganglioma connected with polycythemia. Our findings suggest that the clinical presentation in these individuals […]

Renewing questions about the safety of the medication.

2 new studies add to evidence of risks with diabetes drug Avandia as FDA prepares to debate it’s safety The Washington Post: Two new studies provide evidence that the diabetes drug Avandia increases the risk […]

A multi-country survey greater than 2.

CVD may be the leading cause of death world-wide, and it affects a significant proportion of PLWHA. It is extremely common for patients coping with HIV/AIDS to have co-morbid conditions that may be exacerbated by […]

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