It is serious and may be deadly.

AAN’s ability to mimic the human brain helps diagnose cardiac infections Mayo Clinic researchers state that ‘teachable software program’ designed to mimic the human brain may help them diagnose cardiac infections without an invasive exam. […]

AAFA research: Richmond ranked as No.

AAFA research: Richmond ranked as No. 1 Asthma Capital in the U.S. For the next year in a row, Richmond, VA, has been ranked as the No.S.S. Metro areas. For eight years, AAFA provides scientifically […]

The study included 1 pharmacy journal.

The study included 1,025 subjects, all of them smokers who wanted to quit. Chantix, Zyban and a placebo pharmacy journal . The study lasted one year. Here are some facts from this study:. – 44 […]

Akonni receives $150.

Akonni receives $150,000 Phase I NSF grant to assess feasibility of developing lab-on-a-film microarray device Akonni Biosystems, a molecular diagnostics company that develops, manufactures, and plans to market sophisticated molecular testing products for diagnosing infectious […]

The first event läs artikeln.

The American Society of Addiction Medicine Discusses Insurance Parity on its annual Medical-Scientific Conference in MiamiThe American Society of Addiction Medicine hosts two events at its annual Medical Scientific conference today that the history data […]

30 percent of worlds population is obese Canada pharmacy.

30 percent of world’s population is obese, costing economy $2 trillion each year Almost one-third of the world’s population is definitely obese, and the global economic cost ‘s almost exactly like that of smoking or […]

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